Carol Milne

From my earliest memory artistic expression has played a role in my life, driven particularly by my father, a gifted amateur artist. I have lived in various parts of Canada and travelled throughout the country, absorbing the beauty of the various landscapes.
I paint because it allows me to experience “flow”, the joy of complete engagement. I am excited when the colours come together on the canvas. I am motivated to share the beauty that I see everyday.

My paintings are founded on a passion for colour and its manifestation in our natural and man made environments. I use acrylic paint and I am continually learning by exploring the use of various mediums and ways to apply the paint.

I strive to interpret what I see in a unique way. Using a photographic reference I approach a painting with a plan that is always hijacked by the direction that the painting reveals. Every painting is a challenge and my style is always evolving.

Carol Milne


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